“Thousand origami cranes” Japanese mysterious culture.


What is origami?
A traditional Japanese play where you fold a piece of paper to make various shapes such as animals and plants.

What is a thousand paper cranes?
First, make a crane shape with origami paper.
I made 1000 of them and bundled them with thread.

Why did the culture of Senbazuru come about in Japan?
It seems that this culture was created around the time after the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and after World War II.

A girl folds a crane with paper as a prayer ritual, hoping to cure her illness.

It was gradually transmitted, and it seems that folding a crane became a symbol of peace as a method of prayer.

In today’s Japan, this thousand paper cranes appear in various places.

For example, it may be sent to a patient who has been hospitalized due to illness, or to an area affected by an earthquake.

However, there are some criticisms of this thousand origami cranes.

「Sending such a thing is of no use.」
「Rather, it just gets in the way, and it’s difficult to put it in place and to dispose of it.」
「If you send it anyway, send something more useful.」

This photo shows a large number of thousand paper cranes delivered to the disaster area.
The victims are in trouble with the storage space for the thousand paper cranes.

The opinions of those who are positive about Senbazuru are.

「The important thing is feelings rather than money and things.」
「The thousand origami cranes contain the feelings and souls of the person who broke them.」
「I’m sure that pure feeling will reach the recipient.」

These two opinions often clash in Japan.

By the way, what do you think of this thousand origami cranes from the perspective of non-Japanese people?