The viral warts on the soles of my feet were cured with an ointment.

A few years ago, there was something like a wart on the sole of my foot.I don’t know the reason. I noticed it was done.

Warts are crater-like, white and muffled.


It hurts a little when I press the wart.Also, when you walk and get on your weight, it hurts and it is difficult to walk.

Japanese-made ointment「meiji kizu-nankou」

・Povidone iodine.
・It has a strong bactericidal effect.
・Iodine is a type of mineral contained in kelp and wakame seaweed.
・Polyvinylpyrrolidone is less toxic and more soluble in water.

【第3類医薬品】明治きず軟膏 5g
●明治きず軟膏の有効成分「ポビドンヨード」は、世界各国で使用されている殺菌消 毒薬です。いろいろな細菌やウイルスに対して幅広く、短時間ですぐれた殺菌・消 毒効果を発揮します。 ●きり傷・すりむき傷・やけどなどの患部の殺菌・消毒にすぐれた効果を発揮します。 ■特 徴 1.各種の細菌、真菌、ウイルスなど広範囲の微生物に対し...

Before going to bed at night, I applied this medicine to the warts and put a band-aid on them.

About two months after starting the treatment with the ointment, the viral warts were cured.

ウイルス性イボ 治療後 写真